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Trojan Trackers provide the most cost efficient and user-friendly GPS tracking devices in the UK. All our vehicle and personal tracking devices use the latest proven military technology. Trackers are of the highest quality, extremely rugged and fully waterproof. Our tracking devices are covertly discreet and can be fitted quickly, adhering to metal services by high velocity magnets.  Our range of tracking devices can be attached to motorcycles, boats, assets, campers, shipping consignments, artwork, briefcases, handbags and even secured in clothing, without fear of detection.

We provide GPS tracking devices for business fleet and vehicle use, asset protection and personal use including pet or livestock monitoring. You can view the whereabouts of any item, which has been fitted with a Trojan Tracker, simply by logging into your control panel by entering your secure pin. This can be anytime day or night, on your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.

All GPS Trackers Are Priced Fully Inclusive - Free Next Day Delivery On All GPS Tracking Devices

Supplied with 1 months unlimited position clicks and 75 sms with each order. FREE P&P.

Versatile Easy To Use Low Cost GPS Tracking Devices

Our range of tracking devices are extremely versatile and easy to operate. Devices can be used to track vehicles, goods in transit and assets. For Children and Vulnerable people, Geo ring fences can be set up to alert you by SMS ‘text message’ should they move out of a location or stray into an area you do not want them to visit.

Thieves are always targeting high-end valuables and in recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in theft of plant and machinery, farming livestock and equipment which is stolen to order and then shipped abroad. A Trojan Tracker will help you find out quickly that events are ongoing and enable you to secure the return of your assets, avoiding long inconveniences waiting for insurance payouts.

GPS Tracking devices are easy to fit and can be moved quickly to protect different items. All devices work in over 195 countries around the world and can be monitored from anywhere with an Internet connection 24/7.

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