Business GPS Tracking Devices

Trojan Business GPS trackers are fully compliant with most company needs. We provide a variety of different devices that can be used to track any Person, Vehicle or Asset in Real Time, openly or covertly. All our tracking devices are of military standard and come with 1 years guarantee. Devices can be quickly magnetically attached or hardwired to vehicles, plant and machinery, consignments ‘UK and overseas’. GPS tracking devices have their own rechargeable power supply.

Fuel Savings

Business GPS Trackers save fleet business owners thousands of pounds in fuel costs every year, you will be surprised just how much you will save when the vehicle is known to have a tracking device fitted.

Magnetic Business GPS Trackers

We supply GPS trackers that can be attached to most metallic surfaces by high velocity magnets with a pulling force of 70KG. this ensures they stay in place. With magnetic devices there are no cables or wires to connect, you simply place the tracker on the item you need tracked, this can be openly or covertly, taking just a second to attach. You can move it to another vehicle or item just as quickly. Magnetic Business GPS Trackers have a battery life of 7 days to 6 weeks in normal mode and longer in stealth mode.

Charging Tracking Devices

When you need to charge the tracker “battery time left on tracker is displayed in your admin control panel”, simply collect the tracker and place it on the supplied charging mat, when charged replace it on the item to be tracked. This is ideal for businesses with multiple vehicles and need to track individuals or special delivery’s.

Tracking devices are also available to attach to most other surfaces including miniature trackers for artwork protection and personal trackers to protect the vulnerable and overseas travellers. All devices come with Geo fences features that can be set up in your control panel, these send out text alerts to you, should an item move out of or into a protected set zone. Personal trackers have panic buttons

Tracking Panel

Monitoring your tracker/trackers, is via your easy to use personal 24 hour tracking panel "Access Panel Features ". All you need is a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. Access is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

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