Personal GPS Tracking Devices

Trojan Trackers provide private individuals with the same high-tech military precision GPS tracking systems used by our business clients. Our ranges of tracking devices are petite and lightweight, so easily carried in handbags, coat pockets and purses. They are ideal for use by children and adults and can even be attached to pet collars.

GPS trackers require no license, as come under the same laws as your standard vehicle satnav, therefore are fully legal for you to use here in the UK and around the world.

Our range of personal gps tracking devices have proved invaluable in many situations, some come with a built in SOS button, this activates a text message being sent to up to 4 telephone numbers when pressed alerting you to assistance being needed. Tracking devices are highly accurate and have live real time movement Monitoring.

Control Monitoring Panel

Your personal control panel is accessible 24 hours a day via Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop and an Internet connection. Here you can set up your tracker to report to you its whereabouts from every 5 seconds up to once an hour. You can set safety zones and view live in street cam “View Control Panel Here”.

Ideal Usages

Monitoring elderly or vulnerable family residents. The tracker can be activated to alert you of assistance needed by pressing the SOS button, or you can set up safety zones “Geo-fences” that will alert you with a text message, should they move out of your set safety area or into a area you do not whish them to enter.

Asset Protection

Valuable Items disappear regularly. An item fitted with a discreet tracking device will always be traceable should it disappear via your tracker control panel, which will help police retrieve it quickly. Items that can be fitted with tracking devices are Motor Bikes, Cars, Boats, Suitcase and Trunks, jewellery boxes and many more.

Our trackers can be hardwired to vehicles or we have versions that have batteries that last up to 6 weeks and more. Your tracking panel will show just how much charge is left in the device, then it’s just a case of recharging the batteries and replacing the device.

Overseas Travel

We all love to travel especially overseas, visiting areas that sometimes are dangerous to venture into. Take one of our personal trackers with you or give one to a family member off on a gap year and you will have piece of mind. You can check they are ok via your tracking panel and should they need help, they just need to press the SOS button and a text message will be sent to numbers you list in the control panel.

Pet Protection

Pets are more than just a pet, to many a close friend and some are vey valuable too, so often stolen. Fit a tracker to their collar and you will know where they are all of the time.

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