Tracker Control Panel With 24 Hour Live Real-Time Monitoring

The Tracker Control panel provides Live Monitoring of all movements of any item fitted with a GPS Tracker. Simply log-into via your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop and you can see where that monitored item is now and where it has been. “View Admin Control Panel Here“. Access is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Using your control panel you can set all the parameters you require for your GPS tracking device, such as position reports and movement. You can also set your SMS text alerts, to be notified as to changes of the tracked items situation.

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Admin Control Panel - Getting Started

On arrival your tracker will need charging, once charged you will need to take it outside (safe area) for it to pick up the satellites, the light will flash once when it makes contact with the GPS satellite.

Log into the Admin Control Panel using your password pin number (Your tracker's unique log in details will be sent with the tracker), you will see your tracker in live real time at its location on the admin panel.

Admin Monitoring Panel Features

If you have a single tracker, details will be loaded for you on log-in. customers with multiple trackers viewed on the control pane, Click ‘View All”. A panel will zoom out to show the geographic location of each tracker in relation to each other.

This is ideal for companies who need pick up or delivery services as you can see which tracker is closest to your requirements. Click image on left to view control panel.

Admin Panel Commands

Click the "Commands Button" at top, then a window will open for you to change your tracking frequency report times. Times available are from every 5 seconds to once an hour. An SMS message will be set to you after time change to confirm you made the changes.

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Admin Button

Click "Admin Button" top left, this will allow you to set up various easy to follow requirements including the tracker name, contact numbers (up to 4 where SMS message is sent), log-in, password, language, time zone, Icon group date and auto alarm and track from phone feature.

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Locate Button

If you ever want to locate your tracked item between set reporting time positions, click the "Locate Button" at top. This will instantly locate and display your tracked item in real time on the screen.

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Zone Button

Click the “Zone Button” (top of page) to set up the area’s to monitor, you can set zones that you want your tracked item to remain in or not enter. Geo-fences are useful to alert you of the removal of an item from your safety zone and the arrival in an area that you set that the tracked item is banned from entering.

If monitoring a vulnerable individual and they leave a safety zone, you will be alerted immediately.

An SMS message will be sent to your phone warning you that removal or entry has occurred.

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History Button

The “History Button” (top of page) enables you to view all the activities of your tracking device from the first time it is switch on. This includes Position start, Position stop and date, time, speed of tracked item, address and distance. You can re-play the journey point by point on the screen and also look at street view. You can also download and print off the history of your trackers activity.

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Your Admin Monitoring panel allows you to take full control of your tracking devices, log-in anytime from anywhere with an internet connection to view current location of your tracked item or set up new requirements. Monitoring is in Live Real Time, on average a 1.8 second delay occurs, time taken for data to be sent from your tracking device.

Street View

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Satellite View

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Alarm View

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