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What GPS Tracker Position Credits and SMS Credits Are Used For

Position Credits

Position credits track your GPS device when it's on the move. Every time the tracker moves, it will report back to the monitoring panel its new location. You can control how often the device reports it's location back to you, via your monitoring panel admin. Reporting times ranging from every 5 Seconds up to an hour are available to be set.

Journey example: if you set the tracking device to report its location every minute across a one-hour journey, it would use 60 Position credits. This would enable you to view all of the activities of the tracked item on the route, including where it stopped and for how long.

The tracker will use a position credit each time it reports back to the monitoring control panel with it’s new location. Access to your monitoring panel is by a secure pin number, you can view anytime on a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.

SMS Credits

SMS Credits are used when your GPS tracker sends you a text alert message informing you your tracked item has moved (if set in control panel). SMS Credits are also used when you change position update times in your monitoring control panel admin.

Example; vehicle is being broken into, or the item starts to move away from it set location or when it moves into a set area (if set in control panel).

An SMS credit will also be used when you change the reporting times of your GPS device, so if you had it set at every 10 minutes and moved the reporting time to every 30 minutes, one SMS Credit would be used, as a text message would be sent to you reporting this change. Trojan GPS Tracker clients will find Position credits are used more frequently than SMS credits. Please set up options required in your control panel.

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